About Us


In 2010, Apple's iPhone 4 was released, and immediately after that the CYBORIS's first bluetooth speaker was born to pair with smart phones. Therefore, wireless music devices have given people a new way of life - there is always music to accompany when running, swimming, or having a picnic. “With the continuous development of the times, music equipment is also constantly updated. What kind of speakers do music lovers want? Louder sound? Stronger bass? More fashionable look? No, in the end, the core competency of speakers or earphones is always original individual design and inherent sound quality!” ——CY.


We always focus on the continuous optimization of sound quality and product originality. We customize the production molds for each product, and strive for perfection from sound quality to function to appearance in order to create more high-quality, more creative, more personalized and sporty music equipment.


It is this high-quality, original, and built-for-sport quality that CYBORIS brings to consumers at home and abroad with the ultimate music enjoyment, as well as sports, freehand and original product experience and lifestyle.



Let the music be around you, make music everywhere.


Started with music in our pockets, today, CYBORIS wants to bring music into your life everywhere, everyday, to create a high-quality, original, personal and more athletic musical life for all.



High-quality sound is just the beginning.


We are driven engineers, developers, researchers, retailers, marketers, enthusiasts and dreamers. We work together for a common goal - to create product experiences our customers can't get anywhere else. Quality and originality are our "two carriages" towards this goal.


If you want to hear more, we invite you to explore.